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Test in the Lab, Field, or Somewhere in Between? Are There Strategies to Fast Track Algae Biofuels and Products Research?

Given the global challenges of rising temperatures and growing populations, there is much interest in algae as a potential future food and fuel alternative. Achieving the theoretical aspirations of commercial scale cultivation of algae to address these challenges would be a scientific feat within itself. The challenge is the relative maturity of algae production technology compared to the agrarian practices of traditional farms, breeding programs of terrestrial crops, and advanced biotechnology toolkits of unicellular heterotrophs. With these factors in mind alongside the urgency to increase algae production yield, it raises a set of questions. Where should scientists focus their research efforts? What are the most effective strategies to ensuring discoveries are significant at scale? Do certain experimental set ups deliver more reliable data to build hypotheses?

  • Date:Tuesday, July 17
  • Time:10:15 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Location:204 B
  • Session Type:Breakout Session
  • BIO Track:Algae Production Technologies
Devinn Lambert
Department of Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office
Rebecca White
Qualitas Health
Taraka Dale
Los Alamos National Laboratory
John McGowen
Arizona State University