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Industrial Biotechnology Innovation for Ag Feedstock Production Applications

  • Paul Zorner, Locus Agricultural Solutions,
  • Richard Broglie, Pivot Bio,
  • Matt McKnight, Ginkgo Bioworks,
  • Jenny Rooke, Genoa Ventures,
  • Shawn Semones, Concentric

Agriculture feeds the industrial biotechnology supply chain. At the same time, industrial biotech companies are creating innovative microbial and biochemical products to enhance ag production. From greater yield production to controlling pests and diseases, to changing the way a plant grows root systems, biotech companies are actively working to increase the health of the microbiome and to heal, fuel, and feed a growing global population. Our expert panelists will discuss the innovative products currently employed in this space, as well as market trends in biorefinery feedstock production and future potential for this growing sector.

  • Date:Thursday, July 19
  • Time:11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Room:Grand Ballroom
  • Location:Grand Ballroom (300 Level)
  • Session Type:Plenary
Paul Zorner
Locus Agricultural Solutions
Richard Broglie
Pivot Bio
Matt McKnight
Ginkgo Bioworks
Jenny Rooke
Genoa Ventures
Shawn Semones